Magga & Elsa  – Wedding Day

by Hendribu

The day I met you, I had no idea this would be how it would turn out.. I felt that something would happen but didn’t know I was going to fall this deep in love with you. As time progressed and liked turned to love, I knew I could give my heart to you.. everything about you makes me feel the most comfortable I’ve ever been. Not just your presence but your actions, your words, the way you make me feel. The way you inspire others, the way you treat those around you. There is nobody better than you. The way you laugh, the way you look, your personality, the way you try to look away quickly, our amazing times, I can honestly say that there is nobody else that I want in my life other than you and I can say this with all my heart and soul into it that I do truly love you.

The wedding was filled with joy, it was reflected on the pictures that we took. But here are a little story about the lovebirds.

Magga is the first child in his family. Since he was a child he never separated from his mother, if he left by his mom to go to Jakarta or anywhere he would immediately get sick. When he got sick, his mom always pray for him. So every night before go bed, his mom always pray and pray for a long time. Even though his mom prays noiselessly, Magga knew it that his name always mentioned in every prayer. His mom have darling nickname for Magga that is “Men who break promises”. Because when he’s in elementary school he make a promise with his mom, he want to go to school and college at Klaten, so he can accompany his mom. But unfortunately, he break that promises. Since then he haven been more careful in making promises with other people. A few years ago, he dare herself to make a promises again with his mom. He promise that he will choose a future wife who is suitable with his mom and can joking together. And finally, he fulfill that promise. He met the woman that he dreamed of all this time and getting married with her.

There are a similarity between Magga and Elsa. This two are such a crybaby. There was a moment when this two watched a movies together, the tittle is Real steel. This is one of the favorite movies for both of them. Every time they watched this, they always crying together.

Elsa is cheerful and expressive person. And it is clearly seen on her wedding day. This girl have a huge energy positive and spread the energy to the people who get close with her. She have a beautiful smile so when everyone seeing her will automatically smiles too. She is a happy virus.

The wedding feel full of life and sincere celebration. Happy tears, laughter and joyful you can feel it when looks to the pictures that we took.